What can we do for you?

We sell and transfer firearms!

We run and operate just like any other firearms dealer in the state.  We are partners with seven distributors allowing us to sell pistols, shotguns and rifles. Since we are a home-office based operation, that means low overhead and similar or better prices than larger stores.


Send us an e-mail with the product you're interested in. If we have it in stock, the product will be delivered to us by 2-day airmail. Once your product is received, we continue with a firearm transfer appointment. At this time you will fill out the necessary paperwork, which includes a background check (approx. 10 minutes). If you currently hold a CPL, you'll leave with your new firearm.  If you do not and are purchasing a pistol, there will be a waiting period imposed.


Not only do we sell firearms, but we also sell nearly anything you're looking for as an accessory to your firearms.  Whether it's magazines, holsters, slings, sights, optics we can most likely get it for you! 

National Firearms Act

We work with two NFA distributors, which enables us to source out short barrel rifles and shotguns as well as suppressors.

If you are new to NFA buying the NW Gun Law Group as a great website and information about gun trusts that you should take the time and read. 

Suppressors - We are a Powered Dealer through SilencerShop.com, click on their link to see what's in stock and our prices!

Private Party Transfers and Online Orders

Buying a firearm from a friend or online? Set up an appointment and we'll facilitate the transfer necessary under Washington State Laws (RCW).  We can also receive your weapon that you've purchased through another vendor or website.  - For these services we charge $40, $60 starting July 1, 2019, (plus Use Tax on out of state weapons.)  

Glock Armorer

We are a certified Glock Armorer. If you have a damaged or broken Glock, set up a time to drop it off with us. We'll take care of the repairs.  - For this service we charge $35/hr plus parts.


Unfortunately at this time, we do not offer any gunsmithing.